Company Policy

(Management System for Health and Safety at Work - OHSAS)

Health and Safety issues constitute an important and integral aspect of our business. Parkemo Italia S.r.l. is committed to the continuous improvement of health and safety standards of its products, in full compliance with existing laws and regulations in the markets it serves.

The Company is committed to the following:

  • To comply with the applicable regulations and standards for the protection of the Safety and Health of Workers, for which purpose a Health and Safety at Work Management System (OHSAS) was implemented with the necessary human resources and instruments;
  • Ensuring that the Management System covers our entire organisation, from the Owner down to the individual workers, in terms of their respective responsibilities as defined in the Company's Safety Organisation Chart;
  • Raising awareness and instructing all workers at regular meetings and sessions on the necessary procedures to be followed in order to safeguard health and safety at work;
  • Taking preventive measures to minimise the likelihood of an accident, injury, near-injury or other systemic failures.
  • Scheduling meetings and discussion groups to share individual experiences and developing solutions together that lead to further improvement in the safety conditions of workers at all work-stations;
  • Guaranteeing all workers the requisite training and education needed to safely perform their duties;
  • Planning company activities in terms of risk assessment and emergency management; generating and updating risk assessment documentation and emergency plans;
  • Consulting employees and especially their representatives;
  • Ensuring proper implementation of OHSAS through an effective monitoring system and with suitable criteria;
  • Periodically reviewing OHSAS procedures to ensure continuous protection and monitoring performance;
  • Liaising with customers, suppliers and contractors to assess and define optimal risk management procedures;
  • Liaising with the relevant public authorities to ensure compliance with existing and new Emergency and Safety Procedures;
  • Adopting preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of an accident, injury, near-injury or other systemic failures.

Parkemo Italia S.r.l. believes that the effective implementation and success of this Policy is a guarantee of the Company’s continued success and growth that can only be achieved with the full commitment of all concerned.


   Certificato_BS OHSAS 18001 2007_Parkemo



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