Cleaning and Maintenance of Parkemo Oiled Floors

Important tips for the maintenance of oiled flooring


The flooring comes with a protective finish which will preserve its characteristics for a long time provided if well maintained, thus shielding the wood from dirt and wear.

We recommend the use of professional cloths to attract dust (not microfibre cloths), a fringe mop or a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.

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For residential homes, weekly cleaning should suffice. Use white or natural Woca Floor Soap (or other Parkemo-recommended product), depending on the surface to be cleaned. For normal cleaning, fill a coffee cup measure with Woca floor soap and dilute in 4-5 litres of lukewarm water.

For even more careful maintenance, follow the instructions below, to be repeated once a month:

- first ensure that all excess dirt & dust has been removed from the floor using a vacuum cleaner or fringe mop.

- shake the soap container thoroughly before use.

- Dilute 125 ml of Woca liquid soap in 5 L of lukewarm water.

- Evenly spread the soapy solution across the floor and leave for a short time to allow the cleaning agent to take effect and dissolve any dirt or stains.

- Wipe and lightly wet the floor with clean lukewarm water containing a little liquid soap.

- Wipe again and allow to dry thoroughly.

- Once the floor is dry do not apply more water as it risks damaging the protective layer that has formed over the surface finish.

In case of persistent dirt/stains, firstly treat the floor with Woca Intensive Cleaner (or other Parkemo-recommended product) diluted in water, just after this clean the floor with diluted Woca Natural or White Floor Soap solution, as described in the section above. Please pay attention to the quantity of Woca Intensive Cleaner you use as this is quite aggressive and can also damage the surface. We recommend to start adding the Woca Intensive Cleaner solution a little at a time.

Sapone Naturale Woca Sapone Bianco Woca

Download the Woca Spray Soap Instruction Sheet
Download the Woca Natural and White Soap Instruction Sheet

Together with Woca Floor Soap, we strongly recommend using Woca Oil Refresher, a special product specifically developed for the care and maintenance of oiled wooden floors. This product contains a mixture of soap and oil, which means that every time an oiled flooring is washed using the Oil Refresher, a light film of oil is applied. Woca Oil Refresher helps to preserve the natural tone of the wood even after cleaning over a longer period. This is because the oil it contains actually penetrates the wood while at the same time leaving a thin protective film on the surface. Woca Oil Refresher is used for cleaning as well as the care and maintenance of oiled floors, and is applied to the floor in a similar way as the liquid soap. However, this doesn’t mean that the floor doesn’t need oiling from time to time, but it does reduce the number of treatments needed and also helps to protect the surface finish. The protective layer takes 2 hours to set at a temperature of around 20°C.

- Make sure that the floor is free of any dust and dirt.

- Shake the container before use.

- Mix the oil refresher into a bucket of lukewarm water as follows:

  1. Floors treated with standard oil: (250ml of the Reviving oil to 5 litres of water, at a ratio of 1:20)
  2. Floors treated with UV/wax oil: (125ml of the Reviving oil in 5 litres of water, at a ratio of 1:40)

The ratio of the solution may be altered, depending on the condition of the floor.

- Start by cleaning the floor lengthwise with a damp cloth. Soak the cloth in the mixture, wring out the excess liquid and apply to the floor lengthwise in long stokes. Use two buckets, one with the mix of oil refresher/water and the other with clean, warm water for rinsing the cloth. Floor cleaning should be divided into approximately 10m2  sections at a time to minimise exposure to the oil refresher solution.

- Before using, allow the floor to dry for about 2 hours.

- Once dry, apply the polisher to the floor with a white cloth for a shiny effect.

Balsamo Ravvivante Naturale Woca Balsamo Ravvivante Bianco Woca
Download the Woca Oil Refresher Instructions


After a period of normal wear and tear and/or if the floor has been worn down due to heavy foot traffic, the oiled flooring may have become slightly worn and dull-looking. When maintenance is necessary, use Woca Maintenance Oil (or other Parkemo-recommended brand).

Before applying the oil, clean the floor with the Woca Intensive Cleaner (or other brand recommended by Parkemo) diluted in water. Allow the floor to dry for a few hours. Make sure the floor is completely dry before applying the Maintenance Oil. Use the following link to download the instruction sheet, or contact our Sales Department.

Olio Manutenzione Naturale WocaOlio Manutenzione Bianco Woca
Download the Woca Maintenance Oil Instructions


Stubborn stains can be removed with Woca Intensive Cleaner (or other product recommended by Parkemo), by diluting the Cleaner in water, in a ratio of 10:1. Should the stains prove persistent, increase the amount of Cleaner.

After allowing the detergent to take effect, dry the surface with a paper towel. Any liquid stains absorbed by the wood may be removed by lightly sanding the affected areas on the surface. However, the sanded area will require re-applying Woca Maintenance Oil, natural or white (or other brand recommended by Parkemo).


PLEASE NOTE: The Intensive Cleaner is an aggressive liquid detergent which, if improperly used may damage the surface finish and cause discolouring. Ensure that the Cleaner is always used appropriately. If in doubt, please contact your local Parkemo dealer prior to use. Attention: For normal maintenance, Woca Floor Soap (natural or white, or other brand recommended by Parkemo) is the correct product to be used— not the Intensive Cleaner!


WARNING: any used rags soaked in oil/pulp, paper, cloths, pads or fabrics, textiles or absorbent paper used for cleaning/maintenance constitute a fire hazard and should be safely neutralised by soaking in water or burned immediately after use.



When no longer in use, residual cleaning/maintenance products must not be discarded into the environment. Unused or residual liquid maintenance or detergent liquids/oils should be deposited at the authorised waste disposal facilities in accordance with local regulations.


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   Woca Maintenance Oil
   Woca Master Colour Oil
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