Parkemo: a voyage into a world of wood.

Parkemo has its origins in the forests of the Fiemme Valley, where wood has a long history, culture and tradition. Since 1968, its founder, Ciro Zanol was motivated by a passion and desire to introduce innovation and excellence to wooden flooring design. Ever since, the company has continued on its quest for new ideas, researching different types of wood and innovative concepts.

With its attention to detail, and understanding the way wood flooring synergises with the surrounding environment, Parkemo is able to interpret concepts in almost any given context. Working closely with interior designers and architects, Parkemo design adds form and colour, thanks to its excellence in craftmanship and attention to detail.

Parkemo’s venture into the world of woods has led it around the globe in many stages: Italy, Austria, France, Germany, as well as Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Greece and Turkey. Across the seas, up the mountains, through interiors and exteriors ... Parkemo interprets concepts, design and innovation. A journey without boundaries, as the many different colours of wood and the numerous ways it can be cut and processed.

Today, Parkemo floorings are found in thousands of private homes, offices and corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants and health spas. Preferred by numerous architects and interior designers, Parkemo floorings furnish the homes of prominent and famous personalities in the world of music, sport and culture.

Not unlike a good wine, Parkemo's journey into the world of woods has mellowed over the years, enriched by experience and anecdotes, perfumes, stories. A daily testament that wood leaves in our houses. Parkemo seen through the eyes of our partners and fellow travellers to tell their individual Parkemo stories, with photos of their homes or corporate interiors. New fellow travellers are coming in, continuing writing the story of Parkemo, adding new chapters on our voyage.

Who knows, perhaps the next chapter in Parkemo's journey into the world of woods might be written by you!

Welcome to Parkemo!



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