Best of Parkemo

Portfolio of projects realized with Parkemo natural wood floor.

A photo-gallery to make your eyes gleam.
A collection of stunning wood floorings.

Parkemo means: design, style &  fascination.

Design that starts listening, giving life to a palpable harmony.

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The oak that confirms its versatility one more time.

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Minimal elegance, able to amaze.

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Between materical seductions and creative ingenuity.

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A single-family home in self-construction, made entirely of wood in the province of Vicenza.

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A lots of larch wood for a chalet with a spectacular view of the Val di Fiemme.

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Riga. Paris of the Baltic
New horizons: discover the world from another perspective.

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Alplus chooses Parkemo for this totally sustainable "green" house

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A perfectly-designed wooden flooring with a bold structure. On a par with their prestigious corporate image.

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A classic that never disappoints, reinventing itself day after day.

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